161.<JMCA>Double Network Hydrogels for Energy/Environmental Application: Challenges and Opportunities

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Since the advent of double network (DN) hydrogels nearly 20 years ago, they have flourished as smart soft
materials. Their two unique contrasting interpenetrating network structures and adjustable network
crosslinking methods overcome the obstacles of single network hydrogels in mechanical properties.
Thus, DN hydrogels with remarkable mechanical properties, excellent hydrophilicity, fast self-healing,
high conductivity, and rapid stimulus responsiveness have been considered candidates for energy and
environmental applications. In this review, we classify these types of hydrogels according to their
components and discuss the most contemporary trends in their preparation methods, network
structures, mechanical features, and self-healing mechanisms. Besides, we provide the future
perspectives of DN hydrogels for energy applications, covering supercapacitors and batteries, and
environmental applications including adsorption, solar interface evaporation, and catalytic degradation,
and discuss some potential future directions.

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