157.<SPT>Industrially-Prepared Carbon Aerogel for Excellent Fluoride Removal by Membrane Capacitive Deionization from Brackish Groundwaters

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Membrane Capacitive deionization (MCDI) technology has excellent performance in treating fluorine pollution in brackish groundwaters. Traditional carbon-based materials for MCDI electrodes have weakness in cost and toxicity. Here, we demonstrated a kind of industrially-prepared carbon aregol (CA) can be used as an effective MCDI electrode material. The results of characterization and electrochemical measurements showed that this material has huge specific surface area (1632.01 m2g-1), hierarchical porous structure, good conductivity and stable electrical double-layer capacitance. CA shows excellent defluorination capacity of 24.44 mg-F g-C1A electrode and good desalination capacity of 20.24 mgNaCl g-e1lectrodes. High specific surface coupling good conductivity enhanced fluoride removal performance of CA electrode. Our work demonstrates industrialized CA that can be applied to MCDI to achieve efficient fluoride removal, which will further advance the expansion of MCDI in practical applications.

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